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Food justice is about more than food security and nutrition’

We need fundamental change in the food system that has developed in the rich world, particularly in the last 75 years or so. It is dysfunctional and unjust — and it fails to deliver a safe, secure, sufficient, nutritious diet … Continue reading

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Soil running out, growing faba beans in Scotland for people & fish, and Miscanthus for power stations?

When will our planet’s soil run out, given the way we’re (mis)using it? In about 50 years, according to Professor John Crawford, now director of the Sustainable Systems Programme at Rothamsted Research and formerly at the University of Sydney, Faculty … Continue reading

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Landgrabs – the new enclosures

What is land for? Who is it for? Who owns land? What is the future for millions of farmers whose families have farmed land for generation but who have no title to it. These are some of the most pressing … Continue reading

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