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Please contribute to the Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty

When I first started to work on developing the journal Food Policy in the 1970s, there were no food banks in Britain. In fact, Britain was at its most equal since the early 1900s. Today food banks are spreading like … Continue reading

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‘Let’s rewrite the narrative on Africa and climate change’ says Dr Fatima Denton in 2014 Barbara Ward lecture

A low-carbon led transformation in Africa is needed that moves away from an extractive way of doing business and sees climate change as a business opportunity argued Dr Fatima Denton, director of the special initiatives division of the United Nations Economic … Continue reading

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Decent Helpings: Setting a local and regional agenda for #foodjustice

That was the title of a half-day workshop I went to in Sheffield on Friday. It was a lively day of discussion amongst participants. We were sat around tables of 8 people each and set to discuss key issues for … Continue reading

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