Decent Helpings: Setting a local and regional agenda for #foodjustice

That was the title of a half-day workshop I went to in Sheffield on Friday.Sheffiled2 Sheffield1

It was a lively day of discussion amongst participants. We were sat around tables of 8 people each and set to discuss key issues for research after a set of short opening talks. Organiser Megan Blake’s blog – – gives all the details of the speakers. Her opening remarks are here:

And in a new one for me (there’s so much to learn about social media), she has also put together an account of the day’s proceedings from the many tweets on the meeting – including some by me – on, which you can find here.

There are links to the video talks that were shown as people gathered for the meeting too.

About geofftansey

I curate the Food Systems Academy, a free, on-line, open education resource to transform our food systems. I am also a member of the Food Ethics Council and chaired the Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty, which reported in 2015.
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