#endhungeruk campaign launches big conversation – step up to the plate


Today saw the launch of a long-term campaign to end the scandal of hunger and food insecurity in the UK. Over a dozen organisations have come together to encourage a big conversation around ‘How can we end hunger in the UK – and what does the government need to do to help make that a reality’ for the first six months of the campaign. You can hear the launch event below:

As well as engaging with those facing hunger and food insecurity, there is also a wide range of reports and resources people can draw on to inform this conversation, from reports from local food banks to reports such as Feeding Britain and Hungry for Change, the report of the Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty, which I chaired. You can download resources, sign up for news and follow the campaign from their website: endhungeruk.org

When you organise a local conversation, one action called for is for each person to write their answer to the big question on a paper plate and post a picture of them holding it – or just the plate if they prefer – on social media using the hashtag #EndHungerUK. You could also send all your plates to your local MP and invite them to step up to the plate as well.

End Hunger UK is supported by many national organisations, including: Child Poverty Action Group; Church Action on Poverty; Fareshare; First Steps Nutrition; Food Ethics Council; Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty; The Food Foundation; Food Matters; Nourish Scotland; Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming; Trussell Trust; Independent Food Aid Network and Magic Breakfast.

About geofftansey

I curate the Food Systems Academy, a free, on-line, open education resource to transform our food systems. I am also a member of the Food Ethics Council and chaired the Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty, which reported in 2015.
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