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Taking #hunger as seriously as medals – why the UK needs a minister to tackle household #food insecurity

I wrote the following blog for the End Hunger UK campaign website. What do you think is more important? Putting on a good show for the world and winning lots of medals in the London 2012 Olympics or ending hunger … Continue reading

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Expanding our understanding of plants and where our food comes from – from clay pit to Eden today

I was in Cornwall a few weeks ago and took the chance to visit the Eden Project. I had last been there nearly 15 years ago, shortly after it opened. Quite a transformation – but that is as nothing compared … Continue reading

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Smallholder innovation for resilience in the face of climate change – reports from China, India, Kenya and Peru.

“Understanding the coping and risk-management strategies of farmers who are already facing extreme climatic stresses and variation will be useful in developing strategies that can be adopted by other farmers who will face similar challenges in the future” according to a … Continue reading

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Incredible Edible Todmorden celebrates with French guest who offers a five step method for starting your own Incredible Edible

It’s changed lives, is changing education and is spreading round the world with remarkable speed. Especially when you consider it was just an idea in a little town in the South Pennines just over seven years ago. It’s Incredible Edible … Continue reading

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Landgrabs – the new enclosures

What is land for? Who is it for? Who owns land? What is the future for millions of farmers whose families have farmed land for generation but who have no title to it. These are some of the most pressing … Continue reading

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