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The multiple roles for agriculture, forestry and other land use change in mitigating climate change – findings from latest IPCC report, interview with Dr Jo House

The latest almost 3000 page full report on Mitigation of Climate Change from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just landed. Here Dr Jo House, Reader in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Bristol, and a … Continue reading

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Cutting the harms #agriculture does, GHG emissions and increasing #resilience – some key priorities for the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

The US-based, non-profit Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy has aimed to foster sustainable rural communities and regions for over 30 years. Here, its Executive Director, Dr Sophia Murphy outlines their key priorities. These include cutting the harm industrial agriculture … Continue reading

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Stop eating to extinction and maintain food biodiversity says Dan Saladino

Dan Saladino’s written an engrossing account of some of the world’s rarest foods in ‘Eating to Extinction: The world’s Rarest Food and Why We Need to Save Them‘. In this conversation he discusses why, tells some of the stories and … Continue reading

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Vulnerability and resilience of Pacific Island food systems in the face of climate change

I’m grateful to an old Fijian friend of mine for linking me up with Dr Mary Taylor. She was a lead editor for an exhaustive 573 page book on the ‘Vulnerability of Pacific Island agriculture and forestry to climate change’. … Continue reading

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Four key words for the UN #FoodSystems Summit – power, control, risks, benefits.

There’s a veritable avalanche of reports, webinars and meetings around food systems at the moment. From the locally focussed National Food Strategy for England and Proposals for Sustainable Food Systems in Ireland (download report here), to the UN Food and … Continue reading

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Clean drinking #water and safe #sanitation are essential parts of healthy #food systems

While COVID-19 has focussed attention on lack of clean water for millions people to wash their hands, clean water and proper sanitation are also essential for healthy food and farming. Here, Rick Johnston from the World Health Organisation explains the … Continue reading

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Safeguarding biodiversity for food and agriculture needed urgently

Global biodiversity is severely threatened, including that which we depend upon for food, Continue reading

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We need a small farm future argues Chris Smaje

In this interview, Chris Smaje discusses his book ‘A Small Farm Future: making the case for a society built around local economies self-provisioning agricultural diversity and a shared earth’. He argues that multiple connected crises facing humanity require a rethink … Continue reading

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Trade Policy, The Right to Food & COVID-19 – and that’s just starters for Michael Fakhri, 4th Rapporteur on the Right to Food

Michael Fakhri was appointed as the UN’s 4th Rapporteur on the Right to Food in May 2020. In this conversation he talks candidly about his initial plans and the impact of COVID-19 on them. His first report, due in September … Continue reading

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Over 50 countries spent over $700bn/year on farm support in 2017-19 says OECD. How? And what have responses to COVID-19 been?

Some 54 countries* collectively spent, on average, over $700bn a year supporting agriculture between 2017-19 according the over 500 page Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2020 from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) – see Figure 1 below. … Continue reading

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